Support All Queer Bods! To keep this project free for all community members, a suggested donation of $5-$50 from those who can, is encouraged.

Submit your best selfie to and be a part of the project! But before you do, check out the FAQ(s) below for more information on submission guidelines.

***Note: Due to the high number of submissions and my very limited number of hands, I'm not available to answer individual inquiries directly. Please refer to the information listed below, submit only once and do not email requesting updates or timelines. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit to All Queer Bods?
Any and every self-identifying queer person who feels comfortable in being in the gallery can submit. I want every kind of body, and every kind of queer. Know that while I read (and love!) your personal stories and identity markers, I -- in absolutely no way -- police your queerness. You are queer because you say you are queer, and that is just that.

What do you do with my personal information and my photos (when you're done with them)?
It's a vulnerable thing sharing a piece of yourself (with a stranger on the internet, no less)! To be absolutely clear: your personal information is never made public. Not your name. Not your social media handles. Not your contact details. Not ever -- even if you ask me to. After you've been drawn I delete your photos from my drives and my email. Your original photos are never shared or seen by others, and are not kept by me beyond the project.

What are the guidelines for submitting?
Technically, as long as it's your photo to submit -- it's likely perfect. Clear photos with good resolution are a must, and the photo should represent you as you want to be represented. But don't worry. If for some reason, your photo isn't working you'll hear from me and we can sort out another!

Do you have a policy surrounding nudity?
Nudity is generally acceptable as long as photos are considerate, age-appropriate, intentional, and consensual (basically just don't send me illegal content, nudes of your ex, or close-ups of your junk). Be nice.

Can I submit on behalf of a friend/partner/family member/loved one?
The long and short of this answer is no. But I swear it's for the right reasons. This project is, at its core, rooted in consent. You are in control of how you are seen, and if you are seen. It's the most fundamental piece of this project for me, and for that reason, submitting on behalf of a loved one -- even someone who will really dig it is a no-no. 

There have been exceptions! Folks can submit together if both voice their interest in participating, queer parents can be featured with their children, and as far as I'm concerned all pets are gay so they can come along too. Ultimately, if you think someone you love may want to be a part of the project, tell them about it! They're welcome to submit on their own!

I submitted my bod, when will I be drawn?
A question for the ages! I want to give you a solid answer, but I don't honestly have one. Due to the growing interest in this project (which is so, so rad -- thank you), at any given time there are at least 300+ requests in my inbox and I am but one tiny human with two frequently sore hands. While submissions are mostly tended to in order, priority will always fall on marginalized bodies to maintain inclusivity and balance in the project. 

While I cannot give a firm guesstimate on when to expect your drawing to post, trust that you are not at all lost in the shuffle, and you will not be forgotten or disregarded. Your body is perfect. You are an integral piece of all of this.

What does it cost?
This project is purposefully free of any cost for both participants and consumers. While donations are appreciated and encouraged (strictly on a pay-what-you-can-if-you-can basis) to help support the project and artist, AQB will never be rooted in a person's ability to pay or not pay. All bods have value. Your inclusion in this project is important. It will never be about what you can give me. You are enough.

I want to be drawn, but I don’t want to be a part of AQB. What do I do?
Here's the part where you pay me.

While it's important to me that AQB remain accessible and therefore fee-free, I'm a working artist, and it takes a lot of my own funding, time, and effort, to create and maintain the project. If you like the work, and want commissioned work outside of the project's specs, contact me here with requests and I'll be happy to send you a quote.

One more thing...

If you are looking to know about me as a human and where I stand in matters and politics that effect our community, allow me to state publicly and definitively that TERFs and SWERFs are no friends of mine, black and brown lives matter, accessibility rights are not optional, and all cops are bastards. This project is for all bodies, all abilities, all backgrounds, all religions, all ages, etc. and it always will be. Learn more about me and the rest of my work here